Thursday, 20 June 2013

Vintage Johnson of Australia

A recent thrifting find were these great retro Johnson of Australia stoneware dinner plates.

A pair of vintage Johnson of Australia dinner plates
A pair of vintage Johnson of Australia dinner plates
       Being a child of the 70s we are very familiar with Johnson of Australia dinner sets.
 Our family home had a number of different patterns over the years.

Rose pattern of vintage Johnson of Australia plates
The ones that come to mind are the yellow roses above with dark brown bowls and saucers,
 and the autumn leaves below that had accompanying mustard coloured bowls and saucers.

Leaf pattern of vintage johnson of Australia plates

I do not remember really loving the rose or leaf patterns at the time, to me as child they seemed a tad somber. 
Though this could of course have had something to do with the fact that we were not allowed to speak
 at the dinner table!
(Well I imagine seven little voices given free range could give any parent indigestion)

 There were a number of other sets as well, but I can`t recall the patterns..

 We do have many fond memories of dinners served and family moments amidst the many patterns of our childhood, including these.
But as far as the actual patterns were concerned,well to us they were just crockery.

  Iwish we had eaten our childhood meals from dishes like these ( groovy ) fun daisies.
or the bright spring garden pattern with its cute little blue (forget me not ?) flowers

These I am sure are patterns a child would love.
Just Imagine, even if your nightly meal was a calm orderly quiet affair, you could still have calm orderly quiet enjoyment uncovering these bright blooms as you ate your food.

Now I`m are not sure if the patterns we did have in our family home were our mothers preference,or if they were the patterns produced in those particular years. Or perhaps they were the only ones available at the time she needed a new dinner set.

Well I should say sets, as we were a family of seven children.
 I'm sure I and my siblings probably broke quite a few dishes with our rowdy rat-baggy ways.
Or with a soapy slip of the hand, during the much hated dish duty!

Whether those were our mothers favourite patterns or not,
 the one thing I am sure of is.
 That the now - vintage Johnson of Australia dinner sets must have been a staple for her plate cupboard.

With the multitude of patterns in similar colour ranges along with the plain base colours of the bowls and saucers.
 We can see how she was able to mix the various pieces that were left from one set and match it with another, yet still have some continuity.

As the name suggests these stone ware sets were made here in Australia.
 Thousands of sets were produced during the 70s and 80s, in a multitude of patterns.

 How many? and what are the pattern names?

 These are Questions we can not answer at the moment.

There seems to be very little information available about pattern names or dates of production.
Which is quite a nuisance, especially for Me as its just the sort of thing I like to jump into and delve around in. But we shall keep up the research and see what we can snoop out.

   Nameless or not, many of the patterns we are seeing around the web lately are so lovely, with their bright colours and great retro looks.

 Milk jugs, sugar bowls and butter dishes are appearing from the nooks and the crannies of many a household.

Jam dishes, cake plates and best of all, we have heard ( but sadly not seen ) that there are tea pots !!

I can feel a new vintage craving coming on!

  I want more of these wonderful patterns brightening our day.
I would like to drink from the many cups with their vintage patterns blazing.
And if I didn't eat from dishes that I loved as a child,well I certainly can now!
 I can picture it exactly.

All the fun we will have searching for, and finding the various pieces. Then mingling together the different patterns, and mixing together the base colours of brown, yellow, mustard and green.

This will match up with that


 These poppies can go with....

This and...

definitely that

And these will go with 

   that, goes with this

goes with those!

 Matched and Mixed Up Sets!

Yes, a definite winner in our books. Swap and change around depending on your mood.
 (or personality in our case)

 And this is our absoluuuute favourite

 So retro!

 We like this one so much we might just have to try and find a whole set.

 So dear readers we are bound for some homegrown hunting for vintage retro 
Johnson of Australia pieces.
Wish us luck!

Most of the pieces shown here are courtesy of the wonderful 

The rose pattern and first cup are courtesy of the delightful

Let us know if your cupboard, or memory is stocked with these Aussie vintage greats?
  And what your favourites are.

 Catch you later.



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