Thursday, 24 October 2013

Oppoortunity knocks

While popping here and dashing there recently, we had an opportunity to visit a local charity store that we hadn't been to before.

The store is located among many other businesses, on a road that is a thoroughfare to the center of the  town. We had often passed the driveway to the store, either to busy to stop or repeatedly and annoyingly forgetting it was there until we had passed by!

So on this particular day when one of our errands had taken much less time than expected, and knowing our later  appointment was along that very road ...
We decided this would be the perfect opportunity to make our maiden rummage.

The stores aim is to raise money for the Beautiful You program.
A great cause to help Cancer sufferers and their families emotionally and financially.

The woman staffing the store was lovely and helpful and when asked she gave us a run down of their very worthy cause and all the wonderful works they do.
Among many other things, the program runs monthly fun and laughter filled craft and beauty workshops for cancer sufferers. As well as giving free massages and Pilates classes to de - stress and chase the greys away.

The store itself consists of a ground floor general charity shop.On this level we also discovered lovely handcrafted items such as crochet beanies, stuffed toys and some great vintage button jewelry made by the very brave ladies attending the Beautiful You program.

Upstairs, the mezzanine level is all vintage.

Here we found the items were all interestingly and artfully displayed.Among them were vintage home wares arranged in a 70s buffet. Men and woman's vintage clothing from various decades, hanging in and from an old wardrobe of great character.There were books and linens, some very cute ephemera and retro craft needs.All displayed in vintage suitcases and on shelf's that gave this level a lovely ambiance and appeal for such a small space.

Our finds for the day were this great 50s glass jug.

Vintage glass jug  in green and gold

vintage glass jug green and gold

Lovely mint coloured plates. The large ones is Johnson of Australia and the saucers are Johnson Bros England.

Vintage home decor, mint dishes by Johnson of Australia

A few cute pieces of linens and a wonderful retro table cloth that you can see above with the glass jug.

Vintage homewares, mint coloured dishes Johnson Brothers.

As you can see we were very glad we decided to stop, and we will certainly be making another visit in the very near future.

So if your traveling this way, or if your interested in the Beautiful You program, you can find more information here at

We shall keep you up to date on our future finds from this great opportunity store!

See you next time.

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