Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Fire King Favourite

Hi everyone

Today I wanted to talk about something we totally love....

Fabulous Fire King pieces in the colour Copper Tint. These lovely ovenware items were made by Anchor Hocking and produced between 1958 and 1971.

We just adore this wonderful soft and feminine colour. It has a depth to it that is calm and serene, bright but definitely not flashy. It is a perfect compliment to the milk glass it covers and of course this means it will match beautifully with other milk glass or white glass pieces.

 I'm sure we are not alone in this love.Not only because it is a tint, which is basically a pastel, and they are usually associated with women. I'm sure others love it because - it is sweet - and bright - and well perfect!

 We had come across this colour before, and loved it.Though we rarely get to see it in person,especially here on the Sunshine Coast.The few pieces we have found have mostly been very worn.

We believe the reason for this great lack of Copper Tint is due to a number of facts.
 One, that we have never had any where near as much Anchor Hocking (Pyrex,Glasebake) here in Australia, as they do in the original home of these great and delightful home wares, the U.S.

Two, because it is so lovely the Copper Tint pieces were favourite kitchen items for their owners and subsequently became extremely well used.A few decades later and many pieces have been put to the trash! Sadly judged as too worn for even the charity shop or garage sale.

Random  (cranky from lack of copper tint ) thought:
Alas, we are sorely deprived in some ways here on our continental island home. 

Do you know why we are easy going here in OZ ? .... 

Its because we have learned to live with having less to choose from!
The great Australian term - She'll be right mate -
 We believe actually came about from the women being upset with having a minimal amount  of goods to choose from.
 And the husbands using that phrase,when his friends inquired why the little lady was so upset!

Cranky thoughts aside.We do occasionally come across some good pieces worth purchasing in our favourite colour. When we found these little lidded ramekins a few months ago, they had us falling in love with Copper Tint all over again.

We not only love the colour, we think the shapes are wonderful as well. After purchasing these She and Me decided on the spot to begin a small collection of Copper Tint pieces.

Yes,occasionally our thoughts are in total unison (well we are the same person after all!)

So far the only other pieces we have found locally in collectable condition are these two pie dishes.

 A few of She's friends have heard me speaking about Copper Tint and have come to inspect our Fire King favourite as well. You will have to excuse them ( they are such sticky noses! but She loves them anyway --- Yes, OK I like them too! )

This is Brown Bird and Ima Deer, investigating the pie dishes.  

And this is Penny Ponytailess who has also come for a look-see.

Oven ware pieces in this colour are not hard to find online, especially in the U.S. The items we have our eyes on to add to the collection next,will be some of these lovely little custard cups with the scolloped rim.I'm sure the custard will taste so much better when eaten out of a cute little Copper Tint  custard cup.

Now there is one small unhappiness marring our love for Copper Tint - besides not having a whole collection of our own! And that's the fact that so many many people name our adored Copper Tint -  gasp... the wrong colour!!

I'm afraid it is so -  Yes it is a fact
 Many people mistakenly call it Peach Lustre!
Now peach lustre is a Fire King colour,but it is a decidedly different colour.
 Here is an example below.

This is a wonderful little Laurel pattern - Peach Lustre - creamer.
The lustre is darker and shinier and often looks to have an orange tinge to it.
Peach Lustre is bold and can not be missed, it calls out, Yes here I am, I'm sure you noticed me.
 Compared to the pearl look of Copper Tint is much easier on the eye acquiring notice with a subtle softness.

Now we are sure that we our self make many vintage faux pas, and we apologise now for any and all we have made or will make.
If any one would would like to set us straight on any thing, we are only to happy to hear about it. Of course we don't enjoy being wrong,but we would rather be told of our error than left to repeatedly make the mistake.

We can see that it can be very difficult to tell the colours apart in photographs unless they are next to each other. As our own photos, with their varying light have so clearly shown. So we make no judgements of anyone or their abilities,taste,or eyesight.

We purely wish to make the difference known.
 So our lovely Copper Tint can stop being under appreciated by this misnomer.
This post was written to help spread the word out in vintage land - in the oppies on Etsy and eBay - in the markets and the vintage stores.Every where that these wonderful pieces have to suffer being known as faded Peach Lustre!

 So if you have made this error yourself.

Or you do come across it, and find yourself in a position to assist these wonderful vintage pieces claim their true title, please do so. 
Of course please correct the error in a very soft Copper Tint sort  of way!

With your help, we know that one day Copper Tint ovenware items will be known by their true name.
And our love for this sweet vintage finish will be wholly without flaw.


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