Thursday, 20 November 2014

Vintage Home Decor illustrations From The 60's

 I was looking through some of
 the older books in our book case. Among the various books like Scream Queens, The History Of Flower Arranging, and The Colourful World of Birds I rediscovered this handsome hardcover volume, Reader's Digest Do-It-Yourself Manual, published in Australia 1965

Vintage book cover art

 He has owned this book for a number of years now, it was given to him by his father.At the time we were renovating our previous home, a cute little Edwardian weatherboard in Victoria. My father in-law was a cabinet maker and though He had been taught quite a bit of carpentry from  his father, the book was still a great reference source to have.

I helped with many things during that renovation, such as paint stripping, floor sanding, demolition, installing cornice etc etc. But I definitely do not have any carpentry skills!
My interest in the book was the fabulous 60s furniture and outdoor living designs contained within, all pictured in wonderful retro illustrations!
And even though our renovation was very modern country/Edwardian at the time, I definitely still loved the sixties styling from the book

So today when I was revisiting the book, I thought of you, and wondered if you would like to share in the enjoyment of the illustrations.

illustration of 60s couple installing a wall sconce

Obviously she has about as much skill as I do!
 I'm sure he is saying "Here darling, just hold that screw driver and look pretty."

1960s lounge/living  room illustration

I`m loving  that built in lounge.

1960s cocktail bar illustration

Tikki cocktail bar.

illustration of 1960s sideboard  with homewares

Cool ikebana display and small lamp

illustration of 1960s couples enjoying a bbq

I think I will let you work out what the conversations are about here

illustration of 1960s outdoor area with cane chair

 Though fifty years old, most of these illustrations could be from today's styles.
And just like some of our furniture available today, though very cool looking, I`m not to sure how comfortable the above chair would actually be!

Don't you just love vintage illustrations?

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