Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Weekend Wandering.

Hi everyone

Hope you had a very nice weekend of relaxation and fun.
 I had a great day out and about on Sunday with my Daughter T.
T came to pick me up and drove us up along the winding and hilly, scenic Blackall Range tourist drive to Maleny.A local Hinterland town, here on the Sunshine Coast.

Some of the fun we had for the day:
Eating Colin James hand churned gelato
Drooling (nicely) over the contents of antique stores
and walking the pathways of  the Maleny Botanical Gardens.

T had white chocolate and raspberry gelato, and mine was Turkish delight (yummo).
No I did not buy any of the drooled on antiques : (

But I did buy these!

Vintage toys, a kewpie doll and plastic bears in a boat

Well She chose them of course, it was the only time she made an appearance all day.
Yes, T purchased a lovely framed flower print as well as a very sweet embroidered lace hankie.

The Maleny Botanical gardens was fabulous. I would recommend a visit to anyone. 
I cant believe I live on the Sunshine Coast and had never heard of it before.
 I had to check to make sure I haven't been living under a rock! 
No, no rock.

View of Glass House mountains with flowers in  the foreground

View of Glass House mountains

 Views of the Glasshouse Mountains, from the Maleny Botanical gardens

View of Glass House Mountains with bench seat in foreground

Maleny Botanical Gardens

 Waterfalls at the base of terraced gardens, with one of the gazebo's at the top.

Pond with water lillies and reeds

boat in a pond with water lillies

This is only a snippet of whats there, and my little point and shoot does not do it justice.
Lucky for you T has a much better camera, and you get to see just a little more.



This is only two of the 350 or so birds in the aviary!
And a little of the many many flowers to be viewed, sniffed and admired.


salvia flowers

 a bee on a pink flower

cosmos flowers

We had a great day, with lots of views and fresh air, sunshine, food, feathers, chin wagging and laughter.
 Hope your weekend was as nice as mine.

Catch you soon.

Me : )

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