Thursday, 27 March 2014

Pyrex in White.

Hope you're having and enjoyable day.

Today I wanted to show you a few vintage home ware pieces I recently purchased.

You probably don't know this but I have a bit of a thing for white.
 At Christmas I like to use white, I like white clothing and I love white paint.
Not that He (our partner) will let me paint the walls and furniture white as I would like to do!
(But that's another story)

And I definitively love white kitchenware.

She of course, wants all the colours of the rainbow in our home, and can`t understand why I love white.
Its not that I don't adore many of the vintage pieces sporting wonderful bright and happy colours.
 All those 40s florals, retro 60s patterns and seventies oranges and yellows all have a special place in my heart. Its just that white gives me a nice fresh and enjoyable feeling when ever I look at it.
 White is clean and pure, calming and soft, bright but still light and has a certain depth to it, as if it has no end.

Personally I think my enjoyment of it might have something to do with living with She!
She loves every colour, pattern, style and era. Every little bit of kitsch and industrial, rustic or shabby chic piece we come across.If She had total control our house would be living in some sort of hybridized hoarders heaven. 
I think I really need the colour (or non colour) white just to keep my sanity and my eyeballs.

Anyway - enough waffling.

What I really wanted to share with you were these great vintage pieces. 
Most of them are Agee Pyrex made here in Australia.

 From right to left. A cute little milk glass vase, Agee Pyrex bowl, Agee small oval casserole dish with black leaves and a large Anchor Hocking colonial bowl.

Agee Pyrex bowl and casserole dish with Anchor Hocking colonial bowl  and milk glass vase

Agee Pyrex casserole dish

Agee pyrex dishes including a black rose casserole dish and grey agee ramikins

  On the right is an Agee Pyrex casserole dish in the Black Rose pattern, reportedly a fairly rare pattern.
In the front though not white are Agee ramekins from the 60s, that I purchased at the same time.

Agee Pyrex white bowl with grey Agee Pyrex ramikins

The White bowl is the same shape as the ramekins

Crown Pyrex strawberry ramikins 1970s with Agee Pyrex grey ramikins from the 60s

This white set of ramekins with the cute strawberry motif are 70s Crown Pyrex (formerly Agee Pyrex)

Agee Pyrex casserole dish in black rose pattern

And here is a smaller Black Rose casserole that we have owned for a few years now.

Agee seemed to have made a number of white pieces with black patterns so I'm keeping my eye out for some other pieces I`ll be able to show you in the future.

Love white Pyrex? We would love to know what your favourite patterns are.

Catch you soon


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