Monday, 1 April 2013

Easter Roundup By Eadie

    Hi everyone.
    I'm Eady Eggcup.
    She and Me are relaxing in the lounge with their feet up and congratulating them self on a successful  family Easter gathering.While they are resting, I thought I would take this opportunity to introduce myself, and some of my friends, that helped with the Easter decorating here at Wits End.

Here are my fabulous friends Blue, Pinky, Eco and Sunny.

Don't you wish you had a wonderful group of friends like these?
(Psst stand in line guys)

Here is one of the lovely basket decorations they had great fun helping with.

Below are a few snap shots that were taken during the Easter gathering.

In this picture you can see Blue and Sunny along with Sunny's cousin Mellow.  

And here is Pinky looking very cute in her own basket!

   Sunny again, looking bright and sweet. The rather exotic coiffured beauty next to her, was a gift to She and Me from their Daughter T.

And this last one is few of us enjoying the festivities amidst the lovely flowers and moss garden.

Well I better get back to the clean up, and check on the others to see how they are getting along. 

It seems Blue he has been hard at work rounding up eggs.
 (Ummm  Blue, weren't there more eggs before?)

What ,where  err No!

And here is Sunny rounding up Easter eggs as well.
 ( Great job there sunny! lining them all up so beautifully.)

Oh dear!
Blue is looking rather green and unwell.

 I think some one has  been indulging in far too many chocolate eggs!

(Sunny, can you say the good byes for me please while I take care of Blue?)

Bye Bye everyone. I hope you had a lovely sweet Easter!

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