Thursday, 28 March 2013

Easter Bunnies


Easter is here!

Today we thought we would share our sweet Erzgebirge bunnies with you.

 Back in December we were out hunting for vintage Christmas decorations in a local op shop (charity store) We came across a small  plastic bag that was crammed with decorations.Though it was difficult  to see what was in the bag, we could identify a few small wooden decorations amongst the  plastic and other anonymous bits and pieces of tangled tinsel and ties.

She being the adventurous soul that she is, and always the one that loved the thrill of a lucky a dip. Insisted we purchase said bag.

Me? Well I have always felt better putting thought into the actual sense of an adventure,before taking an adventure.And I always wondered if a lucky dip - would in fact turn out to be lucky - or be an exchange of money for some unwanted junk! So you can  probably guess my thoughts on the unknown contents of this particular plastic bag.


She got her way in the end.With the sensible thought that it was only a six dollar outlay and wasn't much of loss if the bags contents proved to be junk.Also with the added incentive on my part that I should think of the lecture I could give her about purchasing a pig in a poke, if it turned out as I suspected it might.

Once home, She excitedly tore into the bag and rifled through its insides as if it was a long awaited gift!

And yes,I did have to apologise for my pessimism! Because not only were their a few little Christmas decorations we thought were quite nice. There was also some other darling little wooden pieces including these wonderful Easter bunnies. 

After a little research we discovered that our little bunnies are vintage,handmade and painted wooden toys from Erzgebirge. Made sometime between 1949 and 1990 in the German Democratic Republic.

Erzgebirge is a region in east Germany famous for its handmade wooden toys and decorations. For many years a rich mining area, eventually though the mines were depleted. So the very resourceful  people of Erzebirge turned to their traditional handcrafts to make a living.A very successful handcrafted living as they are famous around the world for their beautiful  handmade wooden toys that they are still making today.

 Even though our little Erzgebirge Easter bunnies are rather shabby with their missing pieces and peeling paint.We both find them so sweet. My favorite is the boy bunny on his blue scooter,did you see the fabulous lightning bolt on the front?

 She loves the couples,but the dancing bunny couple are her favourite!

 We are in so in love with some of the other pieces we have seen,gorgeous music boxes and little children with flowers, they are all just so adorable and quaint. She is biting at the bit with the idea of of us becoming collectors! I will have to think about whether there is any sense in the idea,though this could be one of those times she could talk me into such an adventure!

Enjoy your Easter.

She : )


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