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Easy DIY Mothers Day Gift.

Easy DIY Mothers Day mug planter

Easy DIY Mothers Day gift any one can put together, even at the last minute!

Show your Mum how much you love her, by giving her a lovely gift of a Mothers Day succulent mug. Its a great inexpensive little gift, that can make a big impact, because its handmade by you! And the great thing is, it's so quick and easy!
There are lots of really great mugs with quotes for Mum's out there, that are just right for this do it yourself. like the sweet ones I have used here. Choose one that suits your Mothers taste or personality, then plant it up with easy care succulents. Bam! a gift made just for her.

Easy Diy Mother s Day Gift

Items needed
1. A Mothers Day Mug,
You could even find Mothers mugs at the charity shop, as its being used as a planter.
2. Some succulent plants or plant, (Try to choose small plants or ones in thin pots, to ensure they will fit in your chosen mug. You could choose succulents you know your Mum likes, or that match the colours of the mug)
3. Succulent soil mix.
4. Pebbles or gravel ( for the base of the mug)

Optional extras
Activated Charcoal (This can help with keeping things fresh - because the mug has no drainage hole)
Decorative pebbles or sand ( to cover the soil)

Easy DIY gift For Mothers day

How To
Step 1. Place a layer of gravel or pebbles in the base of the mug.
To fill about a 1/3 of mugs volume. This will act as the drainage, so the roots don't sit in wet soil.
Step 2. If you like you can place a thin layer of charcoal on top of the pebbles.
This is used to keep things from becoming smelly or growing mold. But I have seen many non draining vessels used, that have not had charcoal and they have grown very well and did not smell. Though it is a good idea to pour off any excess water within a few hours of watering.
Step 3. Place some of the succulent soil in the mug.
How much is a bit of guess work, as it depends on how much room your plants will take up.
Step 4. Plant your succulents in the mug.
Try to work out the placement of your plant or plants, before you plant them. Depending on the size succulents, you may have to take them back out and remove or add some soil mix. If your plants are a bit large in the root area, its best to gently loosen some of the soil from the roots or even trim the roots a little if necessary, to make them fit in the mug.Don't worry to much about being rough, succulents are fairly tough plants! Once you have the succulents arranged the way you like, add more soil to cover any exposed roots. Tap the mug gently on a firm surface just to settle everything.
Step 4. Cover any exposed soil with your chosen pebbles or sand.
This just helps  to stop the soil washing out when watered, and to firm up the planting. It can also give the succulent mug a neater finish.
Step 5. Gently water.
Water about once a fortnight. Remember to pour off any excess water within a few hours.
Succulents are best kept in indirect bright sunshine.

Easy Diy Planter Mugs for Mothers Day

Succulents in mugs Mothers Day gift

Indoor plant decorating

These terrarium Mugs also make great decorations for Mothers Day Celebrations. Which is exactly what I made these ones for. They can make a really cute centre piece, decoration for the food table, entrance or hall table. You can even spread them around in little nooks and crannies, to spread the message, that its Mums special day! Make a few, give them to your Mum, Mother In law, Daughters with children or decorate your home or Mothers Day picnic with them, on your own special day.

Diy gift succulents in Mother Day Mugs

The three Mothers Day succulent mugs I have put together here, actually have some very special significance for me. They are all mugs that my children have given me on past Mothers Days! Though they were looking a little shabby from many years of use, I didn't want to part with them. So being the plant lover that I am, I thought what better way to use my beloved Mugs than to team them with plants. And so the Mothers Day terrarium Mug decoration/gift was made!

Succulents in a mug with a vase of flowers

Hope you enjoy making this easy do it yourself Mothers Day gift!


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