Tuesday, 4 October 2016


Just had to share some Japanese cuteness with you, or Kawaii.We were given these very sweet gifts by our Daughter T, on her return from a recent trip to Japan.

Kawaii Japanese  cute dog and chic on match box and matches

First up are these Japanese Kawaii match boxes.
I just love the cute little  chick and dog face on each match.
So simple but sweet.

Kawaii  cute dog  on match box in japanese packaging
Kawaii chick on Japanese packaging of matchbox

Then we have Tokyo Banana!

Japanese sweet Tokyo Banana box
 Tokyo Banana Japanese sweet in a box

Its a souvenir sweet of Tokyo. They are lovely fluffy sponge cakes
 with a custard type banana flavoured filling.

Japanese  sweet Tokyo Bannana

And last, but far from least, this box of Japanese cookies. As you can see by the illustration
 on the front of the package, the cookies are of a very funny little Japanese character
 named Gudetama.
Gudetama is a little unusual because he is an egg! A very lazy egg.

Japanese box of cookies of Gudetama the lazy egg
Gudetama, pronounced (Goo-deh tama), is a character created by the same company ( Sanrio ) as
Hello Kitty.
Not only is he on you tube and just about every product you can think of but Gudetama has his own Twitter and Facebook accounts with very large followings!

Japanese  Gudetama cookies,side of box showing Gudetama

Kawaii Japanese cookies of Gudetama

Most Sanrio characters are cute and sweet
 Gudetama is definitely cute, but he is also extremely lazy and depressed, often hiding from the world in his shell or wrapping himself in his bacon security blanket.

Some articles have reported the character is based on the way parents see their millennial children!
 Whatever ideas are behind his creation, I think he is a little weird, sweet and funny.
(Be warned there can be some grossness attached to him as well!)
 He is a big sensation in Japan, and his popularity is spreading across the world.
When I looked at a few gifs and clips staring Gudetama, I could see why.

Gudetama the lazy egg wrapped in bacon

 gif of Gudetama, a funny but  lazy egg character from Japan

I find Japanese culture really interesting for many reasons, The history, fashion and elegant serene gardens but one of the biggest has to be their wonderful products. Whether food, utensils, decor or art, so much effort has gone into making them cute, beautiful or evocative.
Their products are never just something you eat or use.
 They often bring a smile to my face or twang my heart strings.
And that is something I can always have more of.

What about you?
Love to hear your comments.

I think I might go and watch... just a few more.... Gudetama clips!
She : D
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