Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Photography from my home garden

Palms and unusual cloudy sky

Today's home garden photography collection is all about the sky. 
These were all taken from the garden, but looking up.

Unusual cloud that looks like an art piece or spilt flower

unusual cloud formation in a blue sky

Unusual cloud pattern  in a blue sky above plants

Unusual cloud shape in a blue sky

cloudy sunset sky  with palms

gold or yellow coloured cloud

golden light in sarker cloud formation in the sky

whispy clouds coloured pink in a dark blue sky

pale rainbow sky above palm trees


Dark pink whispy cloud in grey sky

Pink clouds in a blue sky

Coloured cloudy sky of blue pink purple white

Photograph of the sky with clouds and a half moon

I Hope you enjoyed these photos and that they have inspired you to look up and enjoy your part of the sky more often.

Catch you  soon. 


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