Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Photography from my home garden

 Leaf with water droplets

Water droplets on a banana leaf.

Monstera deliciosa leaf in sunshine

Monstera  Deliciosa

 Ringtail possum hiding in a tree

Poor ring tail possum, trying to hide from the birds. I think he stayed out a bit late!

Carpet python snake on a fence

Lovely big carpet python. Obviously a fence sitter on the subject of whose garden is better!

Dandelion seed fairy in spider web

Dandelion fairy caught in a web.

Red dragon fly on a vine stem in the sun

Red dragon fly

Butterfly with spotted body close up

Butterfly in all its spotted glory.

Palm trees with red seeds

Alexandria palms in seed

Bird in palm with red seeds

The birds love them

Big yellow allamnda flower

Sunny Allamanda trumpet flower

red and yellow flowers

And a bold poinsettia in the background.


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